What is Resolve?

Resolve is a free, open source URL shortener that can be downloaded and installed on your own webserver with just one click of a button!

It is written in PHP 5.3, supports multiple database backends (currently MySQL via PHP's Mysql and Mysqli classes) and is easily extendable if you wish to use other types of storage (e.g. CouchDB, MariaDB, PostgreSQL or others).


Some of the main features are:


This software is licensed under the Apache License 2.0.

Describing legal documents in non-legalese is fraught with potential for misinterpretation. Notwithstanding the text of the actual license itself is legally binding and authoritative.

That said, here's what the Apache license says in layman's terms:

It allows you to:

It forbids you to:

It requires you to:

It does not require you to:


See the installation section for a detailed guide on how to set up and configure Resolve.


See the libraries section for a list of open-source software used in the development of this project.